Real estate investment

With the strong potential and strategic vision of the leadership, KSF continues to focus on investing and developing real estate projects with high potential value, creating smart living space based on technology 4.0 and a high-class facility ecosystem to develop in a sustainable way and raise the value of KSF real estate in the market.

Real estate business

In addition to project investment activities, real estate has always been one of the backbone and key areas of KSF. Accordingly, KSF continues to improve and upgrade the sales system, train salespeople, promote strengths of the traditional real estate business, as well as continuously develop real estate online platforms to keep up with market trends, optimize time, money and satisfy customer needs.

Real estate leasing

Thanks to the ownership and distribution of real estate projects that locate at key trade connections and bring great commercial value, KSF continues to reinforce strengths in real estate leasing with a variety of uses such as: Office and business premises leasing; Industrial real estate and Services system leasing – Facilities serving other entertainment needs of the community.

M&A consulting

In the development strategy, KSF is also oriented to become a professional, reputable M&A consultant and investor in real estate projects in the domestic and international markets. With a team of experienced and professional consultants, KSF provides digital solutions and business strategies in the volatile market. Owning real estate projects with clean land funds, safe legal system, great development potential, and consulting strategies given by leading experts, M&A activities are effective and bring quality real estate products to the market.


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